SEO = Search Engine Optimization
CSO = CannaMaps Search Optimization

When creating a Listing on CannaMaps you need to optimize your site for external search engines (SEO) and for Internal searches within the CannaMaps ecosystem (CSO).  This will provide the best overall results for your listing.

CannaMaps Search Filter

CannaMaps Search Filter
Optimize your listing with CSO Tips!


CannaMaps Listing Optimization:  Fill in All Fields!

note: Fields marked with double asterisk** below are important for Search Optimization within CannaMaps (CSO)

-City,State**  (CSO)
        Important to include City and State for location option separate from address field.
This makes your listing searchable in both regions.  If your city isn’t available email us and we’ll add it.

-Category**  (CSO)

-Hours**       (CSO)

-Amenities**  (ATM, Parking, Accept Credit Cards, Wifi, etc.)  (CSO)


(Premium Plan)

-Price Range**  (CSO)

-Tags/Keywords  (SEO)

-Business Tagline  (SEO)

-Website  (SEO)

-Social Media Links  (SEO)

-Phone Number  (SEO)
(Click to call, What’s App)

-Add Video Link (YouTube)  (SEO)

-Q & A  (SEO)


(Premium Plus Plan)

-Make an Announcement   (SEO)

-Add Coupon Offer  (SEO)
(CannaMaps Exclusives work Best)

-Add Menu Items  (SEO)

-Events  (SEO)


BONUS:  Customer Reviews  (CSO & SEO)

Getting positive customer reviews gives your listing a boost in both SEO and CSO!


Image SEO Optimization:

-Name images properly  —> (BusinessName_category.jpg) 

myMarijuanaCards_Doctor.jpg  (Feature Image)

myMarijuanaCards_Doctor_Photo1.jpg (Photo Gallery)
myMarijuanaCards_Doctor_Photo2.jpg (Photo Gallery)
myMarijuanaCards_Doctor_Photo3.jpg (Photo Gallery)

Feature Image:

Dimensions:  1200 x 623 px (Pixels)
(see template below)

Gallery Images:

Dimensions:  1000 x 550 px (Pixels)

*Use .jpg images for best results

Listing Feature Image Template | CannaMaps

Listing Feature Image Template | CannaMaps     ( Save or Drag this image to your Desktop to use as a Template )